"Swimming with Ernest"

This is the first of a series of painting I am working on called the Hemingway series.....basically all underwater acrylic or watercolor paintings where the background sea will be collaged in with text from pages of Hemingway books that will be stained in different hues of blues and hand torn and applied to the painting.  This is the first one and very happy with the results. This one is acrylic. 


"Mango Man"

Started this painting today. it has been a while since I painted mangoes but enjoy their brightness and color combinations and they grow like crazy here in Key West


"A time for African tulips"

These grow in giant trees here in the tropics, and a friend and I picked them on a walk many years ago and I have wanted to paint them ever since. This was painted on a cradled artist panel that I painted with watercolor ground and then sealed it and varnished it....it is 16x20. 


Painting tropical flowers in watercolor class two

Painting tropical flowers in watercolor - This was class two in a four class workshop. The students are doing great. One of them is an eighty year old woman who has retinal degeneration so her eye sight is not very good at all. So rather then focus on color she looks for value and goes with what she feels and I gotta say it was the best painting hands down. She is a true inspiration to me and love having her in my class !


ORCHID -Painting tropical flowers workshop

I think this one is finished.  White flowers are tricky because you have to make the decision at some point do I go with a light or white background and let these pale washes speak for themselves or do I put a dark background which will make the whites pop up...either way works but it completely changes the feel of the painting.  As you can see here I went dark. 



Class one of Painting Tropical Flowers at the Studios of Key West was on Tuesday. We started with orchids.  I chose a white orchid with pinks and reds.  Class went well....it was really about seeing white.  White flowers have blues, violets, greens and yellows in them and training your eye to see that is the trick. 



I will be working on a dog portrait this Saturday from noon to six at Cocco and Salem Gallery on Duval Street which is located 1111 Duval Street in Key West Florida.....in celebration of Gay Pride Week the gallery will be offering pet portraits at a discounted price with $100 of every portrait going to the Florida Keys SPCA.  Please come by and see me create a portrait on site. 


This is a mural I did for Bay Street Station in Nassau Bahamas.  The size of the mural was eight feet high and sixteen feet wide.  I painted it in six days with about a week of prep time.  It was a complete pleasure to paint and am very happy with the results. 

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Painting tropical flowers workshop

Painting Tropical Flowers in Watercolor

4 week class with Sean P. Callahan

The Studios of Key West

June11,18,25, and July 2. Tuesdays, 11:30-3:30pm M $100/NM $120; limit 20 (weekly $30/$35)

Each class will be a different flower. Sean will provide a photo for each class to work from. This is a great opportunity to work with an artist that knows his way around watercolor and knows how to teach it in a relaxed and fun setting. It is geared for all levels so whether you have taken classes with Sean before or only dabbled now is your chance to explore the beautiful flowers that our island provides us in watercolor!

Please call 305-296-0458, M-F, 10am-4pm to register.



​I have started to explore the world of murals.  This is my first one. I took a wall in my studio and started painting in acrylic.  My medium is watercolor so it was something I had to re-adjust to. I am going to be headed over to the Bahamas next week to paint a giant mural of turtles and fish so feel better having gotten my feet wet a bit. 

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